Walking the towpath of the Montgomeryshire Canal


The view over Llanymynech

Llanymynech Hill is one of Wales’s earliest mining sites. Copper was smelted here in the Bronze Age, and the Romans developed copper and lead mines. A grant of land to the Cistercian Monastery of Strata Marcella in 1198 includes rights 'above and below land' suggesting that the monks had an interest in lead mining in this area.

The hill is crowned by an Iron Age fort. Part of the ramparts were used by Offa, King of Mercia, for the construction of his great dyke across the hill. More recently, the Montgomeryshire Canal was constructed round the foot of the hill.

More on the mines,  the Montgomeryshire Canal and a wonderful aerial photograph of Llanymynech Hill .


Part of the quarry is now a nature reserve: more on the Shropshire Wildlife Trust web site.

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