Pentre Cilgwyn to Llanymynech

This is a long day but mostly on good tracks and you are never far from places to stop and stay.

From Pentre Cilgwyn, at SJ 22180 36732 walk across the road junction and take the minor road to Bedwlwyn.

At SJ 22025 36439 cross the B4579 and walk straight on up the lane (another permitted route for walkers and cyclists). At SJ 21737 36122 turn left with the lane in front of a small plantation of trees. The lane bears round to the right, past a radio mast and through a small belt of conifers. 

At SJ 21885 35167 cross a minor road and and walk along a track through some recently-planted trees and across farm land. At SJ 22375 34044 turn left onto the road at Llechrhydau then right almost immediately along a bridle path. At SJ 22377 33972 the bridle path bears left. Keep straight on along the track here. Very soon, at SJ 22377 33919, the track divides. Bear left — you are now on the Upper Ceiriog Way, Llwybr Ceiriog Uchaf. About 1.6 km from Llechrhydau, at SJ 22500 32534, you cross another track. The Ceiriog Way bears right here and goes down hill. You can turn left and walk down to Rhydycroesau, the traditional border meeting place. You have now crossed the border into England.

To stay on the Cistercian Way, go straight on. Cross the Cynllaith and walk up hill past Bwlch y Donge. Cross a minor road at SJ 22506 31656 and keep straight on along the tarmac lane to Ty’n Celyn. After the cottage at SJ 22420 31238 this becomes a stony track which swings over the ridge and down to cross another minor road at SJ 22381 30758. Take the tarmac lane straight on (signposted for Bwlch) and down hill. At SJ 22200 30660 take the left fork, another stony track over the next ridge. At SJ 21788 29953 you meet another tarmac road. Straight across the road a stile and waymark leads to a very steep slope – more of a scramble – down a field. Go through a gate at the bottom, at SJ 21791 29789. Turn right on the road here and follow it across a stream with some pretty cascades.

Up the other side of the valley at SJ 21660 29408 you reach a T junction. A footpath is waymarked ahead but this takes you some way west towards Llansilin. Instead, turn left on the road and walk down hill. At SJ 22171 29204 cross the main Llansilin road and walk down the lane on the other side (marked Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles). he first few yards are metalled but it soon becomes a muddy track down to the stream. There is a ford for vehicles and a footbridge to the left. Keep going up the lane on the far side. It was wet and muddy underfoot but clear and passable. At SJ 22484 28685, bear right on a roughly metalled lane.

You are now in the setting for Ellis Peters’ ‘Brother Cadfael’ novel Monk’s Hood. The disputed manor of Mallilie is ahead of you and to your left. Ifor ap Morgan’s farm is below to your right. Away to your right is Llansilin, where the commote court was held.

At SJ 22241 28337, turn left on the road and walk up hill. Ignore the restricted byway to the left at SJ 22363 28127. At SJ 22751 27839, turn right on the track to Glascoed Fach (waymarked as a footpath). After the farmhouse, the lane becomes a field path. Cross two stiles and bear right across the next field to the far right corner. Go over a stile and turn right on the road. After a few yards, at SJ 22231 27242, turn left on a very minor road (signposted Wernddu). Follow this past Graig-wen Wood. Immediately at the end of the wood, at SJ 22428 26786, turn right on a tarmac lane to Wernllyfnant Farm.

The next section is tricky. The lane goes through the farmyard, which always feels uncomfortable. After the farmyard, there are two gates ahead of you. The bridleway is waymarked through the left-hand gate and to the left of the hedge but in fact you have to go through the next gate to the right and walk above the hedge. When the field opens out, keep going on the same line with the steep slope above you to the right, bearing slightly to the left and  towards the stream.  The field is very wet and boggy: pick your way through as best you can. The bridleway goes up hill to a gate at SJ 22619 26294 but there is a stile a little lower down at SJ 22664 26306. urn left on the road and walk down hill for a few yards, then at SJ 22722 26304 take the track to the right. This is yet another road-used-as -public-path which eventually becomes a metalled lane and joins the road at SJ 23496 25149. Turn right, cross the bridge, turn left at SJ 23414 25066 and follow the  minor road. At the crossroads you can turn left for Nantmawr or keep straight on the minor road to join the OD Path.

Just after you cross the Oswestry road, at SJ 26055 23813, a path leads down to the right between the houses. Cross the A495 and walk along the farm lane but look out for a turning to the left at SJ 26135 23551, before you get to the farmyard.

The path goes over a disused railway line and up a steep and slippery track through the woods to Blodwel Rock and Llanymynech Hill.

At SJ 26593 22731 the path rejoins the Dyke, at a point where Offa’s construction team were able to make use of an even older fortification, the bank of a huge Iron Age hill fort. Ahead of you at the top of the slope are the multiple banks and ditches which fortified the weakest part of the fort along the neck of the spur. The path turns right to run along the ditch below the dyke, rund the quarry and down a track to the right. This winds past disused lead mines and down through scrubby woods to Llanymynech.

Pentre Cilgwyn to Llanymynech

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