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Wentwood to Caerleon

Distance: 14 km

Grade: moderate, mainly good paths, some damaged sections

Transport links: Buses between Cwmbran and Chepstow stop near the route in Earlswood at Wellhouse Farm, ST 45203 95360. Caerleon has excellent bus links to Newport and Cwmbran and less frequent buses from Monmouth and Usk. See for details.

After Earlswood Valley Chapel, follow the lanes to New Mill, cross the stream by a footbridge just to the right of the ford. Over the bridge, turn right. The bridleway bears left up a steep slope then left again and through a gate. Here the line of the waymarked bridleway looks a little different on the ground from the 1:25,000 map. Through the gate, turn left and walk a little way along a forest track, looking out for a waymarked path to the right. This takes you up a muddy track. When you emerge on the forest road at ST 44116 94791, go straight on. At ST 43907 95007 turn left following the waymarks. The forest road sweeps up with good views behind you to the Severn Bridge. At ST 43333 95070, you meet two bridleways to the right. Keep going to the clearing.

You are now at the top of the hill where five tracks meet. Walk to the right of the triangular clearing and take the forest road at the far right corner. This cuts across a metalled road at ST 42197 94838 and becomes a forest road open to vehicles. Pass a car park to your left and two Bronze Age burial mounds to your right.

At ST 41427 94553 cross another minor road and continue straight on. At ST 41346 94509 the track divides. Take the left fork, past the radio mast. This section of the route has been badly damaged by motor cycle scrambling but there are plans to deal with the problem.



In about 1.5 km, at ST 40018 94083, another track joins from the right. This is the old London-St David's pilgrimage route again. This again has been badly damaged by motor cycle scrambling but is recovering. In very wet weather, though, you may have to stick to the minor roads round the wood.

In less than ½ km the track joins a forest road and from here the going is easier. Another km gets you to Caer Licyn (not a motte and bailey; possibly a sixteenth-century garden folly) and the metalled road down the Kemeys ridge to Cat's Ash. You can find an off-road route by going down the steep track just before Kemeys House and joining the Usk Valley Walk but the views from the road are better. After about a mile on tarmac the road bends to the left and a deep hollow way goes down to the right. This is the line of the old road: its width suggests it was only ever used by pedestrians and pack horses. Turn left at the bottom and walk down to Cat's Ash.

From Cat’s Ash the Usk Valley Walk follows the road for a little over a mile. At ST 35652 90630, under the first line of pylons and just before the lake on the Celtic Manor golf course, turn right and follow the waymarks over the golf course and down through the trees. You are now on the line of an even earlier road, the Roman road from Chepstow to the great fortress of Caerleon and on to Cardiff and Carmarthen.

At ST 34758 90252, at the bottom of the hill, turn left on the metalled road and walk through Bulmore (site of a huge Roman cemetery) then turn right along Isca Road and right again to cross the bridge into Caerleon.


Wentwood to Caerleon

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