Autumn colours on the hill fort at Lodge Hill


The Roman amphitheatre at Caerleon

Grid reference on route: around ST 339 906

One of the most important sites in Roman Britain, Caerleon housed a legionary fortress, the base for the 2nd Augustan Legion. The fortress has been extensively excavated and much of it can now be seen - including the sumptuous bath-house, a range of barrack blocks, and an amphitheatre large enough to seat the whole legion. Finds from the excavations are on display in the Legionary Museum.

More on the town and fortress at the Wales Tourist Board site and on CADW’s web site.

But there is much more to Caerleon than the fortress. Above the town is Lodge Hill, an Iron Age fortification which just might have been King Arthur’s Camelot. The town has a castle (in the garden of a private house), the remains of the town walls and a grid plan of medieval streets. Tennyson stayed here, and wrote ‘The Lady of Shallott’ sitting at a window in the Hanbury Arms.

More on the site - including a report on excavations at Lodge Hill in 2000.

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