The skyline above Chepstow Park Wood

Routes in the South

Tintern to Llantarnam

Walk past Chapel Hill, where the monks built a church for their tenants. Follow forest tracks through the Veddow Wood and Chepstow Park.

The lanes across Earlswood (no longer a wood) take you past the strangely-named Bullyhole Bottom.

The old trackways through Wentwood were a magnificent walk but they have suffered badly from motorcycle scramblers. In wet weather you may have to divert along minor roads. In dry weather, follow the bridle ways up into Wentwood and along the Kemeys ridge (more superb views) to join the Usk Valley Walk. This runs along the old Roman road to Caerleon, the Fortress of the Legions, one of Britain’s best-preserved Roman sites. Tennyson wrote his famous poem ‘The Lady of Shallot’ here, and the area is full of Arthurian legends.

Walk up Lodge Road to Lodge Hill, an Iron Age fort which was re-occupied after the Romans left. Is this Arthur’s Camelot? From the summit, a path goes north-west across the fields to the drive of Llantarnam Abbey.



Tintern to Llantarnam

Tintern to Wentwood

Through Chepstow Park Wood and along a ridge with magnificent views.

Wentwood to Caerleon

Along medieval trackways through Gwent's ancient forest, the Wentwood

Caerleon to Llantarnam

Past the Roman fortress and over the Iron Age hill fort at Lodge Hill - was this Arthur's Camelot?

Places to visit along this route


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