Carmarthenshire skyline

Hoyle’s Mouth Cave

Stone age shelter

Carmarthenshire hills

The cave at Hoyle’s Mouth was the temporary home of groups of wandering hunter-gatherers in the early Stone Age. Flint tools and bones have been found here. The earliest hunters used the cave before the glaciers of the last ice age covered most of Wales. The glaciers stopped just short of the Pembrokeshire coast, and caves like this one could have sheltered summer hunting parties even during the coldest periods. As the ice began to retreat, forests of birch and pine spread over this area. Elk, horse, reindeer and other animals lived in the forests and the nomadic hunters followed them. Eventually, they learned how to control and look after the animals they were hunting, and how to encourage the plants they wanted to collect. They settled down and became farmers. They went on using the cave, and they also seem to have settled on the hill above Penhoyle, where archaeologists have found Iron Age and Roman pottery.

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