Amroth to Whitland

From Amroth, the old Dyfed County Council has waymarked a path called the Knights’ Way, linking several places connected with the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller (or Knights of St John).

At SN 16366 07057  in the middle of Amroth village take the road to the left, heading towards the church. At SN 16236 07189 turn left again along a footpath and up the wooded valley through the gardens of Colby Lodge. (If you want to visit the church - it has a Norman font, some nineteenth-century cast-iron monuments and splendid views — stay on the minor road and cut back down the road to Colby Lodge.)

You will need to pay to explore the gardens at Colby Lodge — they are well worth it if you have time. Alternatively, keep to the waymarked path. At SN 15726 08127 turn left on a minor road. Bear right on a track at SN 15529 08194 and continue north up through the valley and down to the A 477.

At SN 15641 09657 cross the main road and go straight on along Rosemary Lane. At SN 15484 10004 the metalled road turns left. Take the footpath straight on to the left of the hedge. At SN 15446 10242 cross to the next field and turn right.

Here we leave the Knights’ Way and join the Landsker Borderlands Trail. This was established by South Pembrokeshire Action for Rural Communities (SPARC) as a circular walk including the border between English and Welsh settlement in south-west Wales. It is worth contacting one of the local tourist offices for the maps of the route, as it is complicated and follows some little-used paths across farmland.

Follow the hedge to your right across several fields. At SN 16074 10418 turn left, then at SN 16021 10725 turn right along the path to Trenewydd.

The path passes to the left of Trenewydd and goes over a stile, up the lane, through a field gate and right onto the metalled road at SN 16784 11298. At SN 16784 11298, after about 0.2 km, cross a stile to your left and walk across two fields towards Blaenhafod. At SN 17119 11468 cross the farm lane and continue on the same line. At SN 17119 11468 turn left on the farm track from Three Wells, then right to join the metalled road past the burial mound at Crog Swllt and into Tavernspite.

At SN 17966 12419 turn left, follow the line of the path through houses and turn right on the B4328. At SN 18096 12627 turn left and walk past the caravan park and along the track to the right of a house.

At SN 17501 13057 turn left onto the minor road and right immediately along the bridleway. Turn right again on the minor road. At SN 16691 13197 turn right on a waymarked track. This takes you along the lane to Penback Farm then over a stone stile and across the fields to the entrance to Gilfach Farm.

At SN 16161 13734 turn right on a minor road. The Lansker Trail is waymarked along the road to Lampeter Velfrey. The hollow lane which cuts off the angle of the metalled road from SN 16043 13942 and bypasses Lampeter Velfrey can get overgrown but it was clear in 2005.

Cistercian enthusiasts may however prefer to walk along the minor road to Gilfach Cross and go straight on down the lane toward Treffgarne. This may have been the first site of Whitland Abbey, though there are also good reasons for thinking it was the Trefgarn near Haverfordwest. The oddly-named Blaengwaith Noah, across the wooded valley to the south-west, is Whitland’s Blaengwyddno Grange. There is no public right of way past Treffgarne but footpaths lead from along the lane to the Lampeter Velfry road. (not explored)

Walk along the Lampeter Velfrey-Whitland road past White House. Ignore the first track to the right and look for a waymarked path at SN 16693 14714 which cuts diagonally up across the field going due east towards the wood. This looks superficially like a left-over patch of wild woodland, but if you look at the base of the trees you will see that many of them have been cut down to stumps several times and allowed to regrow. This is how woodland was managed in the past to produce a regular crop of poles of different sizes - hazel withies, fence posts, building timber and fuel. The path through the woods is overgrown but well waymarked.

Leave the wood by a stile at SN 17358 14592. Walk across the field. At SN 17448 14539 go lefturn down the lane then right almost immediately over the stile and across the field to the next waymark. The footpath now follows the long hedge at the bottom of the field then goes over a footbridge at SN 17966 14702 and turns right to bypass Seven Acres Farm.

At SN 18056 14654 go through the kissing gate at the bottom of the field and turn left onto the minor road. At SN 18236 14849 the road bends to the left. Go over the stile to the right. Cut across a series of fields - there are stiles and footbridges at all the hedges - finally making for the stile at the corner of the field at SN 18758 15392, just before the entrance to Waungron-uchaf Farm.

The waymarked path now goes down the lane to Waungron-uchaf and across the field, but this ends with a walk along the busy B4228. Stay on the side road past Waungron-uchaf to pass Holy Cross Abbey.

The Landsker Trail takes you on to the ruins of the medieval abbey, through Whitland village and past the Hywel Dda Heritage Centre. Walk up North Road, then over the new dual carriageway.

At SN 19703 17422, just after the dual carriageway, the Landsker Trail turns right along a byway through the trees. At SN 20573 18192 turn right on the metalled road past the abbey ruins. The cloister is visible first, in a private garden to the left of the road, then the foundations of the abbey church are accessible through a gate and across a field. The site of the church now belongs to the Whitland Heritage Trust and is open to the public.



Amroth to Whitland

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