Cows graze on the site of Strata Marcella

Strata Marcella

The site of Strata Marcella

By contrast to its daughter house at Valle Crucis, Strata Marcella has all but disappeared. The church must have been huge, but all that can be seen are faint traces of earthworks under the turf - best seen in an aerial photograph on the Coflein web site.

Strata Marcella was founded in 1170 by Owain Cyfeiliog, prince of Powys, with a nucleus of monks from Whitland. Its position on the border put it under great pressure during the Welsh wars of independence. Eventually, in about 1332, the local lord, John Charleton, evicted the Welsh monks and replaced them with English monks from Buildwas.

By 1528 the abbey had only three monks. It was already in ruins by the time it was dissolved in 1536.

More details on the Monastic Wales site. Pictures of some floor tiles from the abbey at and


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