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St Clear’s to Tenby

From St Clears to the coast there is no easy way. We did have a reasonable route from Llanddowror up through the woods and past Old Pale farm then across the main road and down to Rhydyfran, but in 2005 it was blocked by new barbed wire fences just north of the A477. We are still trying to find alternatives.

At the moment, the best we can suggest is to walk along the main road (less traffic now it has been bypassed and there is a pavement) for about half a mile from Llanddowror church. Cross the footbridge to the left and folow the track up across the fields then turn right. Follow the footpath round the field edge parallel with the main road. Turn right on a minor road then left to go down a hollow lane along the edge of Woodhouse Wood. The lane makes a dogleg by Woodhouse Farm and eventually joins another minor road. Turn right. You can follow this road and the footpaths across the fields to Pendine or take a diversion to visit Eglwyscummin — a fascinating church with old wall paintings and the remains of a churchyard cross.

This is not traditional walking country. The Carmarthenshire County Council have been working hard on waymarking and clearing paths elsewhere but paths across farmland are obviously not a priority.

The route along the coast is a completely different story. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path and its eastern extension to Pendine, the Carmarthen Bay Coast Path, are assiduously waymarked and stiled. The path is no easy walk, though, switchbacking as it does between sea level and the 200 foot contour. If the tide is out, some walkers go along the sands as far as Amroth and over the limestone pavement to Wiseman’s Bridge , but this cannot be recommended. The tide comes in fast and you can easily get cut off.

From Wiseman’s Bridge, you can follow the mineral line which served the collieries in Stepaside through a series of tunnels to Saundersfoot. The coast path goes over the promontory to Tenby.

From Tenby there is a regular ferry service to Caldey in the summer, though bad weather can prevent the boat from going. In winter, you will have to contact the monastery and make special arrangements.



St Clear’s to Tenby

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