The ridge above Crugwyllt

Crugwyllt Grange

The nearest grange to the abbey, with fields which were cleared by the monks

Fields above Crugwyllt

Grid reference on route: SS 79772 87036

Crugwyllt is a little further up the road from the abbey. This is probably the site of Margam Abbey’s home farm, called Cryke in early surveys. The present farmhouse is a modern building, but there are some older barns. The road up from Margam continues as a hollow track, passing to the left of the farm then bending to the right to climb the ridge: there are several other hollow trails to either side. The fields on the top are regular and rectangular, and were probably cleared by the lay brothers of Margam. The field boundaries are not continuous across the line of the track, suggesting that the track is older than the fields.

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