Strata Florida in winter

Tregaron to Strata Florida

Distance: 11.3km

Grade: moderate to severe, over bleak moorland with no obvious paths.

Transport links: There are buses from Tregaron to Lampeter and Aberystwyth. There is no public transport to Strata Florida, but from Pontrhydfendigaid, 2 km west of the Abbey, buses go to Aberystwyth and Tregaron.

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Leave Tregaron by the road to the Youth Hostel.

At SN 7035 6114, by the telephone kiosk, the road bends to the right. Take the metalled farm track straight on. Cross the stream.

At SN 7065 6127 take the track up to the left. The track turns sharp right and through a gate then bears to the left to go past Blaenaucaron Farm.

At SN 7186 6183 the track bends to the left in front of a ruined farmhouse and goes through a gate then becomes a faint cartway along the end of two fields and through another gate. Here it becomes a stony farm track past the ruins of Blaen-gorffen. Just before the ruined house turn right to follow a track for a few yards up the stream, across a ford and through a gate to the open moor.

Cut across the rough moorland round the shoulder of Bryngwyn Bach, keeping above the line of the rushes. Bear right towards some little stone-walled fields. Here you join a bridleway with a new bridge over the Afon Fflur. Walk up the track on the far bank.

At SN 7352 6379 cross the road and continue up a stony trackway to the forest. Go through the bridle gate into the forest and follow the track between the trees.

At SN 7411 6424 turn right onto the forest road then left immediately: you are actually walking straight along the line of the old road which was here before the forest.

At SN 7447 6436, after about ½ km, bear left on a waymarked hollow trail. You are now on the line of the road used by the monks to cross Esgair Ambor to the south and reach their grange at Ystrad-ffin. Follow the hollow lane through a gate and down to the ruins of Talwrn Farm. Turn left just before the ruins. Cross to the bottom corner of the field, over the stile, right and along the forest edge, over a stile to your right and into the woods.

Walk down the left bank of the little stream. Cross the footbridge over the Glasffrwd and turn left along the track to the abbey.



Tregaron to Strata Florida

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