Woodland paths above Abermeurig

Llanllyr to Llangeitho

Distance: 10 km

Grade: moderate, mainly side roads and good paths, though some muddy and overgrown sections.

Transport links: Llanllyr is just off the bus route between Lampeter and Aberaeron / Aberystwyth: buses stop in Temple Bar and Felinfach. There are buses from Llangeitho to Lampeter and Aberystwyth via Tregaron. See http://www.traveline.cymru/ for details.

At SN 5458 5584 take the minor road to the south-east.

At SN 5489 5556 turn left towards Abermeurig.

At SN 5654 5636 turn left and walk past Abermeurig House.

At SN 5646 5665 turn right.

At SN 5671 5683 take the footpath through the gate to your right, bear left round a modern bungalow and follow the tractor track along the fence to your left. Through one gate, then at the next gate the path on the map goes right to meet a bridleway at the top of the field. The map shows the bridleway running below the fence and  it looks as though you could cut across the field to the left to meet it ... but that line is blocked at the top of the field. Stick to the line of the right of way up the right of the field towards the ruins of Tai’n-coed.

At SN 5740 5696, through the gate at the top of the field, turn left (ignoring tempting lanes to the right) and walk above the hedge.

At SN 5741 5719, when you reach the trees, go through the bridle gate and contour along the top edge of the field with the trees to your right.

At SN 5757 5732, the next fence, go through the right-hand gate into the forest. Walk up the forest track.

At SN 5795 5739, when you leave the forest, the old line of the track has been blocked but if you walk up to the right a little you can then bear left and walk above the fence. This becomes a clear track. Down hill and through the gate, look out for the waymark and gate in the hedge to your right. Follow this track down through the ruins of Cae’r-coed (so sad, all these little ruined farms – it’s the price we pay for milk that’s cheaper than bottled water) and down to the river.

At SN 5848 5769 the track goes through a gate just before the bridge. Bear right here, and walk above the fence. You are on the line of another clear track, rather overgrown in places.

At SN 5862 5771 go through the next hedge, bear away from this well-marked track, up to the right and above a copse of trees. Head for a stile towards the top corner of the field (SN 5880 5775) and into the woods. There has been an attempt to waymark the path – it’s not quite ‘there is no path through the woods’, though it is very very overgrown. Persevere and you join a slightly clearer track coming down from the right. Turn left and walk downhill along the edge of the woods to Dolau Aeron.

At SN 5929 5794 take the trackalong the edge of the woods.

At SN 5955 5795 the track goes into the woods, then out again and down to join the road at SN 6030 5813. Turn right. In Capel Betws Leucu turn left and left again and follow the road to Llangeitho.



Llanllyr to Llangeitho

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