On Mynydd Clogau

Llanllugan to Caersws

From the church at Llanllugan, walk down the hill and turn left to cross the river. Walk up a steep sunken road on the other side.

At SJ 05560 00979 go straight ahead on a slightly bigger road. At SJ 05260 00179 this road bears to the left and a smaller road turns sharply left. Take the roughly-metalled track straight ahead up the ridge of Mynydd Clogau.

After the wind turbines this becomes a stony track with magnificent views east to the Kerry ridge and west as far as Pumlumon and Cadair Idris. At SO 01150 97198 the track becomes a metalled road above Llyn Mawr (a Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust reserve). At SO 01280 96583 the road forks. Tturn right then left at the telephone box in Bwlchygarreg.

A green lane should go right at SO 01627 95290, but it was fenced off in 2008. About 0.25 km further on, at SO 01805 95120, a hollow lane (not a right of way) goes right along the edge of the field and through a gate. At SO 01465 94910 the green lane, track and bridleway meet. Walk along the stone wall and through a gate to the open moor. The well-worn track goes round to the left but this meets a forest road used for extreme downhill biking. Instead, continue on the same line down the slope towards Ty Marc farm.

At SO 01335 94580 turn left on a track along the bottom of the forest. This eventually goes into the forest and meets the main forest road. A faint track goes straight on to a stile out of the forest at SO 01815 94150. Continue on the same line over a series of well waymarked stiles to Llanwnnog.

Walk through Llanwnnog and turn left on the B4568. A minor road goes left to the vicarage. Pass two houses and a hollow lane. At SO 02477 93678 go through a waymarked gate on the right and follow the hedge to the left. Go through a gate and bear slightly left to a stile in the far hedge, then bear slightly right to the next stile.

At SO 02650 93038 cross the stile and a footbridge and bear slightly right to the far right corner of the field. Cross a stile, follow the hedge to your right and go through a gate just before a bend in the hedge.

Walk diagonally across the field and through a gate then continue on the same line to cut across the corner of the next field. Go through another gate and bear right across the field to a stile in the far hedge. Continue on the same line to a footbridge in the far corner of the next field, at. Over the footbridge, walk up the hedge to your right, over a stile, along the hedge to the right and over another stile and footbridge. Bear right across the next field, over a stile, and bear left to the road. Turn left and walk into Caersws.



Llanllugan to Caersws

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