The hills above Caersws

Caersws to Abbey Cwm-hir

From Caersws the route goes over Bryn Gwyn and through the Penrhyddlan and Llidiartywaun wind farms.

There is no alternative to the A470 across the Severn and out of Caersws. The A470 meets the A489 and turns right. Over the railway line, take the minor road immediately to your left.

At SO 04751 89640 the road bends sharply left.,Take the bridle path to the right past Pant Farm. At SO 04479 89247, cross the metalled road and walk up a very minor road. At SO 04381 89150 (Cross Keys Farm) turn sharp left up a steep stony track. In about 1 km at SO 04781 88312 the track divides. Take the left fork, down to cross a little stream and up the other side. At  SO 05139 88395 turn right on the track at the top.

Follow the stony track to the left of the radio masts and down the slope beyond them. At the bottom of the pass, at SO 04881 87110, join the track to the right of the fence and up the hill. At SO 04866 86775 you pass  Bronze Age cairn to the left, but it is worn down and difficult to spot.

On the slope below the trig point, ignore the stony track bearing down to the left and go straight on along a grassy track towards the wind farm. On the saddle, just after the stony track goes left, at SO 04419 86157, a bank cuts across the path and goes away to the right. This is the monument known locally as Giant’s Grave: it is in fact an early medieval cross-ridge dyke like the ones between Penrhys and Maesteg in south Wales. It suggests that this route was in use after the Romans left, and it does have all the looks of an ancient ridgeway track. Continue south on a stony track which will take you to the right of the main group of windmills, leaving the three outliers and a radio mast to your right.

At SO 03559 83605 the path curves round to the left past another burial mound (easier to see, this time) and a small pond. Here the paths divide. Take the left fork, then go straight across the next track, through the gate and down a stony bridle path.

At SO 03659 82895 go through the gate by the sheep pen, bear left across a stream, over the spur and down towards a copse of broad-leaved trees by a ruined farmhouse.

At SO 03686 82370 cross the Blue Linns stream by the causeway, go through the gate to the left of the house and down to turn left on the stony track.

There is an awkward discontinuity in the rights of way at this point. If you continue along the track then bear up to the right before it crosses the stream, you can scramble up the forest edge and go through a bridle gate at SO 04036 82060 into the trees.The track is overgrown but passable. It runs parallel with western edge of the forest at first, then bears up to the left to join the forest road at SO 03984 81385. Turn left here then take a heavily overgrown track down to your right and head for the stile at the forest edge.

At SO 03969 81125 cross the stile out of the forest. Follow the bridle path outside the fence and down a lane to cross another stream. Go straight up the far bank then round to the right, past another ruined farm and along a well-marked green lane with trees on either side. At SO 03821 79902 this path eventually goes through a gate onto the open mountain and down a slope: but do not go through the gate. Turn left and walk along the edge of the field, keeping the fence on your right.

At SO 04259 79490, by a small group of larch trees, go through the gate and turn right, then walk down the field boundary to your right. The cairn and stone circle known as Fowler’s Armchair are in the field to your right at SO 04161 79160. Walk down the grassy path which eventually becomes a stony track along the left of the trees then through the forest.

At the crossroads at SO 04414 77265 go straight across the forest road, through a gate at SO 04419 77162 and out of the forest. Walk down the grassy track which bends to the left round a new plantation.

At SO 04684 76735 turn right on the metalled road. At SO 04344 75393 the bigger road bears right and a track goes left. Keep straight ahead on a very minor road and walk down the valley of the Ffrwdwen.

At SO 04669 74175it should be possible to go straight on through the gate ahead of you and follow a footpath up the slope to join a sheep trod leading to a gate in the fence to the left and onto the forest track. However, this path had been blocked when we last tried to walk it. Instead, turn left at the T junction and continue to the forest track.

At SO 05009 74135 turn right on a track. Follow the track along the edge of the forest and eventually into the trees. At SO 05006 72170 (a T junction with another forest road), go straight across to a rougher track which becomes a narrow path going steeply downhill between the trees. It has obviously been used for motorcycle rallies: this has worn deep ruts on the surface but has at least kept the path clear.

At SO 04879 71717 the path forks. Go left on the waymarked footpath. At SO 04879 71717 go left again at the bridle path waymark. You are now on the Glyndwr Way, which will take you down through the trees and along a lane to emerge behind Abbey Cwm-hir church.



Caersws to Abbey Cwm-hir

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