The view from Mynydd Clogau

Routes in the East

Llanllugan to Cwm-hir

The ridge route over Mynydd Clogau takes you to Llanwnnog (the church has a magnificent carved screen and the grave of the poet John Ceiriog Hughes) and Caersws, where the railway station has been built on a Roman fort.

An alternative route would follow the Roman road, the Sarn Sws, through some interesting grange sites, but it involves negotiating a lot of farmland.

From Caersws, walk south over the river and up to the Bryn Gwyn ridge. The wind farms here are among the biggest in the UK — an exhilarating walk in breezy weather! Continue south across the Blue Linns stream and past a prehistoric stone circle. Walk down through the forest to join the Glyndwr Way, which leads you to Abbey Cwm-hir.



Llanllugan to Cwm-hir

Llanllugan to Caersws

Over Mynydd Clogau and past Llanwnnog - the church has a magnificent carved wooden screen.

Caersws to Abbey Cwm-hir

Through the wind farms and down to join the Glyndwr Way.

Places to visit along this route


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