Walking to Mynachdy

Mynachdy Grange

The grange which was the basis for the shrine at Penrhys

Mynachdy from across the fields

Grid reference on route: ST 04855 95023

The monks of Llantarnam owned most of the land above Ynysybwl and around Llanwynno. It was originally given to Margam to found a daughter house at a place called Pendar. No-one knows now where Pendar was: the name means ‘Head of the Oak-tree’, and the whole valley would have been full of oak trees. The little community there did not prosper, and eventually the monks went back to Margam. The land above Ynysybwl became one of their grange farms. The name Mynachdy means ‘Monks’ House’.

In a general sorting-out of estate boundaries at the end of the thirteenth century, Margam exchanged their land in the upper Taff and Rhondda valleys for some land which Llantarnam held nearer to Cardiff. This was how Llantarnam acquired the land around Penrhys, though the shrine there did not become famous until later.

Places to mynachdy grange


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