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The hearse house at Cyffylliog Church

The church in Cyffylliog is worth visiting but you will have to arrange for a key. It has an elaborate ceiling over the altar, carved with vine trails to remind the congregation of the wine of the Comunion service and of Christ’s description of himself as ‘the true vine’. The rood screen was dismantled by the Victorian restorers but bits of it were reused in the stalls, altar rails and pulpit and in the new screen which the restorers made. The Victorians were ruthless in their treatment of old church furnishings, remodelling them and even the church fabric to suit what they thought a medieval church ought to look like.

Outside the church, the stone shed near the lychgate is the parish hearse house. As the inscription over the entrance explains, THIS HEARSE-HOUSE WAS ERECTED AND GIVEN BY EDWARD OWEN ESQR OF FACHLWYD FOR THE USE OF THIS PARISH. 1823

Cyffylliog also has a village shop and a pub, the Red Lion, currently (2016) open evenings and all day at weekends. As a charity, we can't recommend or advertise places to eat or stay - so this is just somewhere we have come across.

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