Looking west over the Vale of Clwyd

Llandyrnog to Afon-wen

Take the waymarked path between Llandyrnog church and the White Horse. Bear left down a narrow lane alongside the houses and cross the stile.

Bear slightly left across the next two fields, then the footpath is stiled and gated along the hedgerow. It becomes a (totally impassable) green lane between hedges but it is possible to follow it through the field to the right. Bear slightly left round the huge buildings of Waen Farm and across to the road.

The path is waymarked into the field opposite but in we t weather the stream flowing through the field is difficult to cross. You can avoid it by going through the gate Instead, go through the gate to the left of the waymark. Walk to the left of the boggy patch and through the gap in the hedge. Go straight on, following the hedge to your right. When you see Llangwyfan Church ahead of you and Llangwyfan Farm to your right, turn right and cross a stile, walk along the hedge to your right, bear left around the water treatment plant and across another stile, then walk up the hedge to your left to the lane to Llangwyfan Church.

Walk back along the lane above the church and go through the gate ahead of you. You are now on the old pilgrim way from St David’s to Holyhead. The old road goes along the edge of the field. Its line is now marked by concrete slabs. Turn right on a minor road and walk up the hill. This is the recommended route as it is certainly the line of the Pilgrim Way - but if you are desperate to get off the tarmac and prepared to walk round the edge of the hayfields, when the road bends to the right, take the waymarked footpath to the left. This looks like the garden drive of a very posh house: but keep to the bottom edge of the garden and you will see the footpath ahead of you into the woods.

There is a lot of disturbed ground in the woods and the map marks a disused shaft here - could it be an outlier of the Holywell lead veins?

Cross a stile out of the woods and walk along the hedge to your left. When you reach the field above Y Wern farm, look for a stile in the hedge to your right and walk above the line of trees to the road. Turn right and walk up a steep slope to rejoin the other metalled road.

In about ¼ mile, follow the track to the right and immediately take the bridleway to the left. This is still the line of the Pilgrim Way. It goes through the woods and across open moorland to the top of the pass. Here you cross the line of the Offa’s Dyke Path (nowhere near the actual dyke at this point).

The stony track ahead and to the left leads down to Afonwen. This is the line of the Pilgrim Way and also goes past the Afonwen Craft Centre, which has an excellent range of local products and a good restaurant. Cross the main road and walk through Afonwen village. The old industrial buildings in the yard to your left (no public access - but you can see them through the gate) are all that remains of an imposing three-storey iron foundry. This pretty rural landscape was until well into the twentieth century an industrial centre.



Llandyrnog to Afon-wen

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