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Maenan: the hotel on the site of the medieval abbey

This is where Edward I relocated the Cistercian monks from Aberconwy when he decided to build a castle and borough on their former home. The abbey buildings have disappeared under a nineteenth-century building, now a hotel, but the foundations were found by excavation in 1963 and 1968 . More about its history on the Monastic Wales site.

Like Tintern, Maenan had a north-facing cloister, and probably for the same reason, to facilitate drainage of the site. The cloister was roughly under the present car park, with chapter house and dormitory near the road, refectory along the line of houses to the north and lay brothers’ accommodation behind the present hotel buildings. The church was to the south of the car park and under the gardens. There is a plan of the excavations in the hotel foyer.

More about the hotel on the Maenan Abbey Hotel web site.

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