Woods above the Wye Valley

Grace Dieu to Tintern

25 km

From Grace Dieu, continue on the Offa's Dyke Path to the outskirts of Monmouth.

Where the OD path turns left over the old bridge and into the town, continue on the west bank of the Trothy. At the roundabout, take the road to the right signposted Mitchell Troy. Walk over the dual carriageway.

At SO 50872 11633 the road bends sharply to the right. Take the footpath straight on along the drive to Troy House. Keep straight on between the house and outbuildings and up the track. Follow the hedge through the first two fields. 

At SO 51297 10808 go through the gate to your left and walk up the slope with the hedge to your right. At SO 51510 10663 go over a stile into the woods. Turn left on the track. At SO 51692 10925 take the waymarked footpath up a hollow lane to the right.

At the top we need some waymarking. Don’t take the first track to the right – it’s waymarked but not technically a right of way. Take the second, almost immediately after – not waymarked when we were there but this is the footpath.

At SO 51897 10978 the path goes over a stile and out of the trees. Follow the hedgerow along the bottom of the first two fields. The right of way has been diverted below a cottage: follow the waymarks to Penallt churchyard (see link below).

Leave the churchyard by the lychgate and turn left to walk downhill. At SO 52462 10620, in about 1/4 km, just before a cottage, a waymarked track goes up to the right. Walk steeply up hill through the trees, along the top edge of a field, back into the trees and down a hollow lane. Cross a stony track and keep straight on.

At SO 52217 09893 cross a metalled road and walk up through the trees along another hollow lane. At SO 52215 09755 turn right on the metalled road. Bear left at the T junction. At SO 52207 09500, when the road bends to the right, take the footpath straight on and join a track which becomes a side road into Penallt village.

Walk straight through Penallt and across the crossroads at the end of the village. At SO 52045 08830, immediately after the crossroads, take the waymarked footpath to the left. This takes you through trees and past the garden of the Argoed. Keep straight on through some rough ground. At SO 52432 08248, turn left on the metalled road. When the road divides, first take the right fork then the left.

The road enters the forest and becomes a track. Follow it steeply down hill.  At SO 53337 06570, turn left on the metalled road at Whitebrook.

In about 0.3 km at SO 53630 06578 the Wye Valley Walk is waymarked up a steep track to your right. Follow it through Bargain Wood and Botany Bay to the river at Bigsweir. Here the Wye Valley Walk remains on the west bank and there is nearly a km of busy main road to reach Tintern. A better route is to cross the river at Bigsweir and turn right at the pub. You are briefly walking along the line of the Offa's Dyke path, but at SO 54020 01058 where the OD Path is waymarked up to your left, keep on the lower track and follow it into the trees.

At SO 53252 00315 you can see Tintern Abbey below you. Turn right on the track of the old Wye Valley Railway and walk across the bridge. This gets you to the Abbey Mill: once the monks' corn mill, then an iron forge and furnace, now a tourist and craft centre. Walk on down the river to reach the abbey.



Grace Dieu to Tintern

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