Hills above Sarn Helen near Trawsfynydd

Roman brick kilns near Trawsfynydd

Where the bricks for Tomen-y-mur were made.

The site of the Roman brick kilns at Trawsfynydd

East of the road junction at SH 727 319 are two Roman kilns which probably provided the bricks and tiles for the forts at Tomen-y-Mur and Brithdir near Dolgellau. Some of the low-grade pottery found at Tomen-y-Mur may also have been made here.

Both kilns are on the south bank of the little stream, which presumably was their source of water, but are situated near the top of the slope in order to get a good draught for firing. The first kiln is a large semi-circular mound about 70 metres east of the metalled road. The hollow side, which would have been the stoke-hole and access point, faces the stream. About 15 metres south is a smaller mound which seems to be composed of spoiled and broken bricks and tiles. The second kiln is another 70 metres to the east in a recess in the slope and a little further from the stream. The mound is more complicated that the first but you can still see the hollow of the stokehole facing the stream.

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