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Cymmer Abbey

Remote Cistercian abbey on the old road to north Wales.

Cymmer Abbey in the spring

Cymmer Abbey was founded in 1198 by monks from Cwm-hir under the patronage of the local ruler Maredud ap Cynan and his powerful cousin Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, Llywelyn the Great, prince of north Wales. It was always very much a Welsh house and suffered for it in the wars of independence. The buildings were never completed: of the church, only the nave was ever built, and the cloister seems to have lacked a west range.

The situation is typically Cistercian, in a remote valley with fast-flowing streams. It was near to the little town of Dolgellau, though, and the old Roman road, the Sarn Helen, went nearby. It would have been possible to follow the line of the Roman road much of the way from Strata Florida to Cymmer, and our route from Cymmer uses it most of the way to Conwy.

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