Llanthony to Llanfihangel Crucornau

Lots of photos of this section on the blog at https://cistercianway.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/llanthony-to-cwm-iou-1/ and https://cistercianway.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/llanthony-to-cwm-iou-2/ .

After exploring the abbey, retrace your steps, turn right round the west end of the Abbey Hotel and right again to walk above the outer wall of the abbey precinct following fingerposts and waymarks to ‘Hatterall Ridge South’. Past the abbey church, go through a gate at SO 28959 27882. Bear left across the next field and up hill to a gate in the top hedge at SO 29242 27913. Continue on the track through the trees, bearing right across a little stream. At the top of the wood turn left through a gate and walk along the fence to your right. At SO 29445 27887 go through the gate to your right. Walk ahead keeping to the same contour, passing well below two ruined farmsteads. (The whole valley was intensively settled with hundreds of farms and smallholdings until the bottom fell out of British farming in the nineteenth century and most of the young men left to work in industry.)

Don’t be distracted  by the waymarked stile in the trees at the top left corner of the field – it’s a difficult scramble across the stream and the track from it is overgrown. The right of way goes through the gate a little further down the hedge, at SO 29750 27537, and past another ruined barn. Bear up to the left on a faint track and join a clearer track which continues on the same contour line down the valley. Go through several waymarked gates. Keep to the same line above Maes-y-beran farm and head for the stile at SO 30180 26611. Pass below a stand of conifers (not on the map. Continue on the same line above another stand of conifers (this one is on the map) and through a ruined farmstead at SO 30134 25823.

The path continues on the same line, going gradually downhill. At SO 29928 25599, just before a stream and a belt of trees, turn sharp right and walk downhill. Turn left to walk through the ruins of Weild, another substantial farm which has been completely abandoned. From here the path slopes gradually down hill to SO 29533 25286, SO 29309 25090 and SO 29201 24962. At SO 29109 24794, just before the bridge, a footpath goes left to Daren. This starts well but gets very muddy in wet weather, and you have to go through several farmyards. Better to follow the waymarked path to Cwm-iou.

Cross the bridge at SO 29087 24788, and bear left to the road. Turn left. In about ½ km. at SO 28942 24273 take the waymarked lane over the bridge to your left. After the cottage, go over the stile to your left, cross the lane (2 more stiles), turn right and follow the hedge to your right. Good views up to the ‘yoke’ which gives its name to Cwm-iou, the result of a post-glacial land slip. The path is well stiled and waymarked straight along the east bank of the Hoddni to the Cwm-iou road. Turn left on the road and walk up to the church. (There is a  footpath waymarked to the left but it takes you a long way up to the lane above the church only to come back down again.)

Cwm-iou church is definitely a curiosity - built on the glacial landslip and twisted in all directions by later land settlement. See link below for more details.

Leave the church by the west gate, turn right on the steep road downhill, then on the next bend at SO 29988 23291 take the waymarked path to the left. Follow on the same line over the stiles, across the next two fields, along the hedge, across a minor road and over a stream. Bear up to the right across the next field to the lane above Perthi-crwn. The right of way goes in front of the house and along a lane. Continue on the same line through the fields, with the hedge to your right. After you cross a small stream at SO 31468 22758, ignore the turning to the right but go over the stile at the far right corner of the field. Bear left across the next field, cross the stream at SO 31728 22698 and bear up to the right towards a stile at the top of the next field, SO 31778 22588. Keep bearing to the right and cross another stile at SO 31817 22530. Turn left on a muddy lane then right when you meet a metalled road at SO 31864 22543.

You are now on the Beacons Way. At SO 32074 22362 the Offa’s Dyke Path joins from the left. At Treveddw, SO 32717 21832, you can turn right with the Beacons Way and walk to Llanfihangel Crucornau, which has a pub, shop and places to stay. Alternatively, keep straight on and follow the OD waymarks, which will take you across the railway and main road to Llangattock Lingoed.


Llanthony to Llanfihangel Crucornau

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