Looking over the Radnorshire mountains


This pretty village was a medieval borough with an impressive stone castle.

Medieval stonework

This little village was once a medieval borough with fifty burgesses, the centre of the Marcher lordship of Elfael. Now it has a pub (the Roast Ox Inn - food and accommodation), a phone box and occasional buses.

Behind the new houses are the earthworks of the medieval castle. No public access but you can see it from the road. The first timber castle was probably built in about 1100 by Pain fitz John (who gave his name to the town). Rebuilt in stone by Henry III in the thirteenth century, it was for a while in Welsh hands but was garrisoned against Owain Glyndwr in 1403. More detail and some splendid photos at http://www.castlewales.com/pains.html .

The oldest farmhouses in the village are clustered around the castle with their land radiating out.

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