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Abbey Cwm-hir to Llanfihangel Rhydieithon

This section still has a lot of road walking but the roads are quiet and the views are good.

From Abbey Cwm-hir you continue a little further along the Glyndwr Way. Turn right onto the road above the abbey and walk past the entrance to the Hall. At SO 05592 71210 take the metalled lane up the slope to the left.

At SO 05865 71267 the road forks. Take the less well-maintained track down to the right, still following Glyndwr Way waymarks. At SO 06215 71305, just before Brynmoel, go through the gate to the left and follow the edge of the field above the house and the next field. Go through the gate to the right and follow the waymarks around the garden of the wooden house, down a sharp dip, up the other side and across the footbridge. At SO 06720 71252 bear right, then keep on the waymarked path to Dyfaenor.

At SO 07027 71082 turn left and follow the metalled road past Dyfaenor to Llidiart-y-dwr. At SO 07837 71602 turn right over a rather ramshackle footbridge. The footpath goes through the overgrown gate to the right over the stream, up the side of a wooded valley and round to the right to join the farm track to Troed-rhiw-felen. A footpath is waymarked from here down to the Ithon river. However, a more obvious trackway (not a right of way but clearly well walked) goes up to the left from the bridge and through the oak trees, eventually becoming an overgrown green lane leading to Llanerch-fraith.

The paths rejoin at SO 08545 71522. Take the bridle path leading NE, north of a little stand of trees. This leads round the spur to the Ithon. There are splendid views up the Ithon valley and north to Castell Tinboeth.

Cross the river at SO 10005 71025. Walk up to the road, turn right and at SO 10025 70842 take the track which slants up to the left through scrub and trees to Cefnbronllys.

Turn left on a stony track just before the farmhouse at Cefnbronllys. Follow this until it joins the bridle path at SO 10693 70835 (this saves going through the farmyard) and continue along the track. 



Just after the bend to the right, at SO 10813 70970, turn right and walk down a minor road towards the Camddwr. Take the second footpath to your left, at SO 10825 70518. The track bends to the left then turns sharply to the right. Shortly after the turn, at SO 11388 70440, take the footpath which goes along a hedge to the left and becomes a hollow lane leading to the metalled road. At SO 11675 70875 turn right on the road.

Follow the road across the moor to the delightfully-named settlement of Heartsease. About 0 km after the chapel and the telephone box, at SO 13398 69133, take the left fork in the road. At SO 13588 68990 the road bends sharply to the left in front of a plantation of trees. Take the lane straight on to Trevol. Follow the footpath to the right of the farmyard, down across the stream and up to Far Hall. This is a substantial seventeenth-century farmhouse with some spectacular carved woodwork. It is not generally open to the public. It is home to the Far Hall Pottery:

The footpath to the right before the farmyard was impassable in 2005, so we went through the yard then down to the right and along the surfaced drive. At SO 14765 67963 cross the railway line. The footpaths through Llanfihangel village are blocked at present so you will have to bypass the village centre. At SO 15128 67270 (the next T junction) turn left and follow this minor road to the A488.

At SO 15993 67325 cross the main road and take the minor road which bears left up towards the forest and the byway over the ridge to Llanfihangel Nant Melan.


Abbey Cwm-hir to Llanfihangel Rhydieithon

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