Two-headed dragon on a beam at Llanelidan


Village church with stained glass and wood carving.

Llanelidan village

The church at Llanelidan has a patchwork of medieval stained glass and wonderful wood carvings of dragons and horse-like animals with human feet. In the churchyard is a moving memorial to a loyal family servant of the local Naylor-Leyland family.

As a charity, we can't recommend or advertise places to eat or stay - so this is just somewhere we have come across. The village pub, the Leyland Arms, has a restaurant and offers bed & breakfast. It is usually only open for weekends and some evenings - but if you are there at the weekend it is worth a visit. Parts of the building were redesigned by the famous architect Clough Williams Ellis, the builder of Portmeirion. More information on the hotel web site at .


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