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Ruthin to Valle Crucis

Walk south past Ruthin Castle and down Corwen Road.

At SJ 12339 56921, just after the bridge, take the footpath to the left across the fields. At SJ 12492 56716 turn left on the farm lane. Walk past Ty'n-y-wern Farm and continue on the footpath. (The earthworks to your left are all that is left of the gardens at the seventeenth-century house at Ffynogion).

At SJ 12862 56053 cross the end of the lane to Ffynogion. Continue to cross a metalled road at SJ 13084 55788, by the Eyarth Station guest house. Continue on the same line with the field boundary to your left. At SJ 13347 55618 turn right on the road  to Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd (see link below for information about the church and pub).

Cross the road from the pub and church. At SJ 13407 55416 a metalled lane goes south between the school and the war memorial. The lane becomes a track. At SJ 13409 53818 it bends sharply to the right. Another half mile gets you to the metalled road. Turn left.

At SJ 12687 53531 take the bridleway to your left along the edge of the woods. At SJ 12537 52858 the track divides. Take the right fork. Turn right on the metalled road then left at the next junction.

At SJ 12212 52711, just before the woods to your left a footpath goes left through a gate, bears slightly away from the trees then over a stile and through the wood. A line of stiles then takes you along the edge of Coed y Parc.

At SJ 12042 51183, after about 1.5 km, turn right on a minor road. Keep straight on at the first junction, then at SJ 11717 51273 turn left at a T junction. At SJ 11489 51091 the road bends to the left. Take the footpath striaght on down a lane and across the fields. 

At SJ 11219 50803 turn right on the road and walk towards Llanelidan (see link below for information about the village and pub).

From Llanelidan, the footpaths can be tricky. The path from SJ 10989 50518, between the church and the hotel, was overgrown in 2005 but waymarked past SJ 11202 50358SJ 11324 50341 and SJ 11414 50286.



At SJ 11677 50121 turn left on the metalled road past Rhewl-wen Farm. The first two footpaths towards Bryneglwys were blocked in 2005 but the green lane from SJ 12777 48428 was walkable (if boggy in patches). Follow the minor road down to cross the A5104 and walk up to Bryneglwys.

This is another typical Denbighshire village with a pretty church and a pub — see link below for details.

Turn left in the middle of the village. At SJ 14657 47268 take the minor road to your right. At SJ 14799 47188 the road bends to the left. Take the footpath straight on, across the fields. 

At SJ 15252 46953 cross a minor road. Take the lane ahead of you. At SJ 15549 46673 turn left on the Clwydian Way — a well waymarked route devised by the Clwyd Ramblers. At SJ 15902 46933 it turns up to the right and becomes a stony track over Mynydd Llantysilio.

At SJ 17087 46513 you cross the track along the ridge of Mynydd Llantysilio. This is a magnificent walk but heavily eroded. You can continue on the Clwydian Way over the pass and down to Rhewl. At SJ 18247 44961 turn left to join the Denbighshire County Council's newly-waymarked Dee Valley Way. At SJ 18294 44948 go left up a lane and follow Dee Valley waymarks. This will take you to the pretty little church of Llantysilio and the famous Horseshoe Falls (actually a weir providing water to the Montgomeryshire Canal).

Walk along the canal towpath and over the metal bridge behind the hotel. Turn right on the road and right again at the next junction.

At SJ 19927 43388 take the footpath to your left waymarked Coed Hyrddin/Velvet Woods. This path will take you over the spur and down to Valle Crucis. At SJ 20354 43947 cross the road and walk along the path to the abbey.


Ruthin to Valle Crucis

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